What if

A world of possibilities

What if the mind is an empty notebook,

to blot with ink our thoughts,

which are then, turned into reality.

What if there really are forces high above,

who watch you go mad over little things,

and then uplift you to sanity.

What if there is a box,

which stores all your lost, underrated, passionate love,

and is brought back to you in the time of difficulty.

What if when you start believing in something,

it does start gravitating towards you,

and makes you extraordinary.

What if what you wished for years ago,

does eventually come true,

but you forget all about it once it is fulfilled.

What if there is one person in this world,

who adores you and watches over you,

but you don’t even know about them yet.

What if everything you’ve dreamed of comes true,

but only with boldness,

which you keep holding back.

What if your other half doesn’t exist,

but you keep searching for them,

not knowing that maybe you complete yourself.

What if your smile is the reason that the heads turn,

and people feel happy within,

but you keep shying away.

What if most of this is true,

and you’re living all wrong,

but you’re just too proud to believe it.

































By vedika

I write my heart out, and try to be a small positive ray of light in people's life.
I'm a good listener so don't hesitate to dm, for a chat.
Follow my blog for random outbursts of emotions, love, happiness.

59 replies on “What if”

You are more than welcome, because you wrote the words I should have been written long time ago . But you know that these words are dangerous auswell! You will fight for your dreams, you will give everything, and quit everything. And than cross fingers that your dreams are not only selfmade daydreams ,that never ever had a chance to become true. But you have this in head already, otherwise there were no need to write it down. And still yes, we have to fight as long there is a spark of hope.

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Yes you are right it is the most weird but also the most wonderful poem I have ever read. Crazy and yet so deep in me !!!
It already started gravitating towards me, and become stronger and stronger!

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what if … what wonderful thoughts … that would be so great! If it were only up to us to let our thoughts and wishes become real. Oh I can understand every word, even I keep telling myself that my problems are actually not great. And I’m convinced that belief in something releases so much power that it can happen. Just as the love is not lost, which you give away even if you have the feeling this love did not arrive where you sent it. So I do not need a storage box for love. The universe is full of love and it’s free, anyone can take it and give it away. Oh I wish everyone would reach your words and move like me!

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