Still waters run deep

Are you really mysterious?

Or are you just notorious?

Sometimes laughing so hard,

Sometimes crying so low,

You’re hard to interpret,

But you’re easily judged,

You stand so tall,

Do you ever budge?

Create a distance from people unknown,

Or a greater one from those already known?

Hopes too high,

Self-love too low?

You’re quiet most of the while,

Mistaken for being a bore,

A storm under that smile?

Or the calm sea about to soar?

Not prepared to say yes,

Too scared to say no,

You like them,

How will they know?

How does it feel,

When they tell you ‘you’re too meek,

Too shy or too weak’ ?

Do they know you’re made of steel ?


How much do they know of the stories

Beneath your scars,

Or the sleepless nights

Trying to break the bars?

So don’t be their version of PERFECT,

Be your own one,

A little flawed,

A little dark,

With courage to add a little spark.




26 thoughts on “Still waters run deep

  1. Vedika – Thank you for stopping at my blog and subscribing. I have likewise stopped at your blog and like this post the best … I like to think that I like to be different, and beat to the tune of a different drummer. That is what makes us all unique. I am going to subscribe to you as well.

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  2. Gawwwd! This is truly a masterpiece. It can easily pass off as a work of a professional poet. Honestly, I couldn’t have expected your second poem to be THISSSS good! You’ve outdone yourself! Waiting for the third.

    Liked by 1 person

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